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Buy 2 sizes smaller than you think you want - maybe another 2 by Ayianna on 10/23/2018

I have a tiny waist. I'm a little fluffy at present, but I bought for my ideal size. It was too large for me now, 4" bigger around than my ideal size. Buy small on this one. Alternative reasoning: they sewed the wrong tag onto it at the factory - who knows?

A little too long for my torso, but very nice corset by Rebecca on 10/13/2018

I am about 5’3, this corset is a bit too long for my torso. I do like the the design and quality, overall, a very good corset.

Extremely happy with my purchase. by Linda on 09/28/2018

Absolutely stunning! Item is as described. Size is a bit tight than I thought, but it is all good. Cheers

The price is good. quality is acceptable by Jasmin on 09/19/2018

In general, I have very high quality standard for clothing. I bought this for a party, I didn't want to spend to much money and this dress is well within my budget. The delivery was within the described time frame with 2 days delay due to the weather. The quality is quite good for the money and fitting is good. Recommended.

couldn't be happier by Penny on 09/15/2018

I bought this for my sis, she loves it. I am think to get a similar for myself now. great price, good price, amazing service. highly recommended.

unique design, nice fit! by Penny on 09/15/2018

I was invited to steampunk theme party and this is the corset I got for the party. Love the design and color. The size was spot on. Thnx

I love the corset and nice fit. by Karen on 09/08/2018

When I opened my parcel this morning, I was extremely impressed that the quality of this corset is beyond my imagination. Absolutely beautiful! It fits correctly on my body and I got one size smaller on my waist once I tied the lace. 5 star experience!! Thanks

Amazing outfit! by Elizabeth on 09/02/2018

My sis bought it for me, it is amazing! the skirt is very cute and fits very well. Highly recommended.

rock n roll! by Judy Smith on 09/01/2018

Like the design a lot and great quality. It fits amazingly well. Recommended!

Finally a good slimmer belt!!! by Julia on 07/26/2018

This product is really amazing. The other ones i owned barely gave me the shape i want but this one works well for me. I would recommend getting one size up from the actual size. I wear medium but i order large and large is perfect fit. Highly Recommended.

Just perfect!!! by Davina on 07/25/2018

I was looking for a corset vest to wear with my net floral skirt and this looks perfect with my skirt. The design is beautiful and well made and gave good shape to tummy. Quality is good for this price and delivery was day before. Recommended.

beautiful corset and it fits well. by Clarie on 07/21/2018

I just got mine delivered this morning. Its really beautiful and fits as I expected.

The delivery wasn't the best, but the corset is great! by Grace on 07/06/2018

Great product! The quality and the making of the corset is superb. It is true to the size chart. Thanks

Heavy but Really Good by Andreo on 06/06/2018

Well made. ( specially with this price),gorgeous, better quality that i expected. Everyone just loved it, my husband like it very much. My husband ordered this for me that's why he was worried about the size but it really fits well, give nice and elegant look and delivery was on time.

It is as described, fits well too. by Maria on 05/17/2018

I am very happy with this corset outfit. I was a little worried about the fitting. The size chart helped me to find my size. The item is as described. Overall, very happy. I am going to be a regular customer here. Thx

Like the color and nice fit. by Jessica on 05/08/2018

I love it. Thank you!

Beautiful outfit by Jordi on 04/18/2018

I received my order a little over a week. It is very well made and skirt is beautiful. The quality is amazing considering the price. Very happy with my purchase.

good quality and a little tight on my waist by Mecca on 03/13/2018

It was good quality corset, but a little to tight for me, so I had to give it away to my younger sister and she loves it. Cheers!

A little too tight, but nice outfit. by Krista on 03/09/2018

I want to exchange for one size larger.

Highly recommended!! by Kim on 03/08/2018

The best corset I ever purchased online. Beautifully made with so much detail. Cheers

Nice outfit, Skirt is a bit tight on my hips. by Krista on 02/26/2018

I ordered 2XL and it came in about 7 days. Delivery was faster than I thought. Great quality and so much details. The only thing is that the skirt is a bit tight around my hips and I had to get it altered. Other than that, very good outfit.

Beautiful corset and fits well. by Rachelle on 02/07/2018

I received so many compliments on the party. Everyone loved my corset, beautiful design and great quality. I will come back for more :)

item as described and it works by Nina on 12/23/2017

Good quality latex waist trainer and it works. Cheers.

great outfit and it fits well. by Jess on 12/23/2017

A friend of mine placed the order for me along with two other outfits. We received in about 7 days in LA. My outfit fits very nice on me and the quality is amazing. I would recommend United Corsets to anyone.

Great corset by Kelly on 11/28/2017

I really love the corset i’ve recieved! The peach color is more a shade of pastel colored pink but i really like it! As for the size chart, these are very correct as well

great fit! by Jenny on 10/15/2017

It fits perfectly and my waist is about 2 and half inches smaller than before. I love the design and detail of the corset. They have so many to choose from. Great site. Love it. Thx

Feather Whip by Ella on 10/14/2017

There are no problems with the feather whip I received. I have used the feather whip plenty of times and it still holds up well. The tickler can tickle well and feels delicate on the skin. The whip can be dragged along the body and whips well. Perfect choice for beginners who want to try something different.

Unisex Sports Waist by Crystal on 10/14/2017

This is a waist slimmer belt that spells value for your money. Period. It is made of a good, durable material and helpful for tummy reduction. The waist trainer gives an hourglass shape to the waist within minutes. I did not develop any breathing problems or discomfort after putting it on.

Love my purchase, great value!!! by Gakunu on 10/07/2017

I found united corsets on my friend facebook and I do like these corsets very much. I placed my order last week and I got it this Friday. Amazing quality and true to the size. thx.

beautifully made and fits correctly. by Michelle on 10/02/2017

A friend of mine told me about united corsets and I made my first purchase on Sunday and I received my order in about 7 days which was what I expected. The quality of this corset is superb, beautifully made and it fits well too.Most certainly I will come back for more. xoxo

Arrived in time and fits well. by Vicky Wallbank on 10/01/2017

I was under pressure to get this corset for a special party in a week time and it did arrived as expected. It fits perfectly fine with my body shape. Thanx

fast delivery and quality product by Grace T. on 09/30/2017

I received my order in 6 days in London, item is good quality and true to the size. I am happy with my purchase.

very nice corset, so much detail. by Jennifer on 09/30/2017

what a nice corset and it fits great. There are so much detail, quality is good too. I would recommend this corset to anyone. Cheers

elegant and fine designed by Danika Cooper on 06/28/2017

When I got the parcel I thought wow its heavy! After I opened the bag, just cannot believe I bought this product at this price!! The copper like metal parts are elegant and fine designed.Corset is well made and very fit me. Can't wait the party night!!! PS. Already recommend this website to my friends:)

Cool by Miky on 06/13/2017

Looks better than the picture! This product is great! Love it!

9 days to arrive by Ruby Beattie on 06/02/2017

it took 9 days to arrive. not too bad at all. product looks the same as the picture. I am happy with it.

Love the pocket by Gina Golem on 06/01/2017

I really love the pocket on the belt. Good detailing. Great value for money. Fast delivery. It only took me a week to receive it.

Nice Fabric by Katlyn Bracken on 06/01/2017

I am an E cup. Unfortunately, it is a little small on the cup size but it still fits. It is just a little small. Everything else is fine. Fabric is nice. Good quality.

10 out of 10 by Simone Duchow on 06/01/2017

Absolutely exceeded my expectation. I weren't expected it to be so nice. Product looks exactly the same with the picture. It totally worth the price. Thank you.

what a surprise by Arvin hopgood on 05/31/2017

I thought Id just try it, What a surprise. I have received the product in approx a week time and the quality of the item over exceeded my expectation. I realized there's no one write any review on this item. I'd like to leave a nice review for this item. It looks exactly the same as the picture. Thank you.

It fits well and hope it works. by Donna Adams on 05/23/2017

I just received my order and tried it on straightaway, it fits perfectly and much more comfortable than I thought. Delivery was ok, not too bad, I received it in about 9 days. I would recommend United Corsets to anyone. Cheers :)

Loved it!! by RogueSpawn on 05/05/2017

Ordered this corset for RenFaire in SoCal and it not only fit perfectly to spec, but was very easy to accessorize also!! Very highly recommend!

Love it by Luciana Marins on 05/02/2017

I received my order in less than 30 days in Brazil. Nice product I can't wait to wear It!

couldn't be happier by Indhira Wilding on 04/28/2017

what a beautiful corset! great quality, so much detail and it fits correctly. I will come back for more. thx

Beautiful corset, very well made. by Sharon Louey on 04/24/2017

What a great price. I can't believe that such a beautiful corsets can be purchased at this price. I received my order in about 9 days and I am very happy with my order.

Amazing quality and service by Erin on 04/07/2017

I live all the way in South Africa, so it took a while for my items to be shipped, but no longer than a month. When it arrived I was delighted and tried it on immediately, and it fit like a dream. They were super helpful whenever I had questions that I needed to ask as well. I will most definitely buy more corsets from here again.

Love this waist trainer by Rajnor Taylor on 04/05/2017

Great price and excellent product. I wear it daily and its working. Much more comfortable than I had thought it would be.

Pretty good by Mels Alefosio on 04/05/2017

I received my waist training corset about 7 days ago. To my surprise it is quite comfortable to wear and I wear it to work everyday. thanks!

good product for a casual look by Victoria Crotty on 04/04/2017

At this price I didn't expect much, but when I opened the parcel, really happy. The full back corset is well designed/made, the back laces are sturdy and easy to fasten. It is a very good product for a casual look.

surprisingly good quality at very nice price by Vic Han on 04/04/2017

What a great price and surprisingly good quality. I am happy to find this website. Will definitely try more products here.

good quality, cheap price by Nicole Barnes on 03/27/2017

Love this website. Sooo many choices! I already have a waist trainer for sport purpose. but that one is expensive. This product. looks similar and the price is only 1/3! Frankly speaking, I can not tell a lot differences between these two waist trainers. I 'll give 4.5 stars to this product. Definitely recommend this website to everyone.

shipped fast and packed the corset in safe bag by Andy Mclean on 03/27/2017

Can't believe I can get this corset at this price!!!!! It is well made and very comfortable. The only cons is they use plastic bones to reduce the cost. But for a dress-like corset, that is not a problem, at least not for me^^ (especially when you pay such a low price). I love the matching garters too. They shipped fast and packed the corset in safe bag. Very happy.

comfortable and stretchy and easy to put on by Cindy Chen on 03/20/2017

I had lower back pain and I bought this waist trainer to reduce the tense of my lower back. It does not like corset, it is comfortable and stretchy and easy to put on. Then I found out it's good for my gym class too. Delivery is fast and they use modest package.

affordable and very comfortable by Sara Husted on 03/13/2017

I am happy for choosing this product. It is affordable and very comfortable. I am wondering how often should I wash it... Hand wash a corset is a hard job.. Maybe I need buy few more pieces. BTW, shipping is fast, with all tracking stuff.

Fast international shipping with all tracking details by Anja on 03/13/2017

I bought this corset for a girls party. I wear it with a full pleated black skirt, flatter me beautifully~~~~ Fast international shipping with all tracking details.

excellent wear by Donna Kaur on 03/08/2017

I bought this product to wear at the gym and to provide me with back support.This was the perfect replacement. Comfortable and doesn't have the extra give.

I love this waist trainer! by Daryl Leudar on 03/08/2017

I have been using it since I received it which has been about a month now. Works great and it is comfortable .Love it and would recommend it.

a good choice for girls party by Cher Kopinski on 03/08/2017

I bought this corset for a girls party. It suits the theme quite well. And it is really cheap! Quality is not perfect(they use plastic bones) but it is surprisingly comfortable and considering the price, I'll say it is still a good buy. Delivery took 8 days which is not bad for international shipping.

happy with the corset and service. by Nichole Aarnio on 03/06/2017

First, the parcel arrived in 1 week, speedy delivery.Second, the quality is good, (better than I thought,) the price is very affordable. Overall, happy with the corset and the service.

Awesome Product by Kieshara Morris on 03/06/2017

Very comfortable and easy to wear.Love it and would recommend it to anyone ! I followed the size chart and it is a great fit. THX!

Couldn't be happier!! by Millie Wood on 02/24/2017

I received my corset this morning, I was very impressed when I opened my parcel. What a beautiful corset and the quality is superb!! Much better than the ones I got from Amazon. It fits very well too. I would recommend this site to anyone.

highly recommend website by Maria Lafo on 02/23/2017

I will highly recommend this website. 1, I started gym training last month and bought 3 products online from 3 different websites. This website is one of my choices. I am very surprised that I got my parcel from this company only in 5 days. another two were in 8 days and 15 days! 2, The price is very reasonable---cheaper than most online company. 3, The quality is not first class, but good enough.

Love it!! by Daisy Cox on 02/23/2017

Received my waist trainer a week ago and am in love with it! Very comfortable and easy to wear. Highly recommended....

good price, fast shipping by Rhiannon Manning on 02/21/2017

This waist trainer is very light and easy to put on. It fits me well. I live in Finland and got it in 8 days. really appreciate.

Good product and fast shipping by Elizabeth Moeser on 02/17/2017

This product is well designed for gym. Sometime I wear it when the weather is really cold^^ The problem is how often should I wash it. I don't want to wash it every time after everyday gym... BTW, shipping was fast.

Beautiful corset Good price. by Hazel Sinogba on 02/12/2017

This is my first purchase here and I paid via PayPal, just in case if there is a problem with the corset. I received my order in about a week in London and it fits perfectly and I have to say the quality is quite impressive. I certainly will come back and order more.

It is made for me. by Jen on 02/12/2017

It is quite difficult for me to find a right corset but I can't take my eyes off this one. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I will come back for more. Thanks

What you see is what you get! by Jasmine on 02/11/2017

I don't normally bother to give feedback for online purchases. But I really happy with my order of this corset. Great purchase! What you see is what you get and size is right. It fits like charm. I have already shared this site to my friends, I believe they are going to place their orders soon;) Cheers

excellent customer service+ lovely outfit!! by Jamie F. on 02/09/2017

we bought 12 corsets in different sizes and colors for our gym group, we had to exchange 2 for wrong sizes our team member provided. This website has excellent customer service, we got the exchanges back in 5 days(amazing). Very appreciate.

My 2nd waist trainer from here. by Evelyn on 02/07/2017

This is my 2nd waist trainer bought from united corsets. Now my waist is about 2 inches smaller than before and hopeful this corset can make my waist smaller again. Delivery was reasonably quick and quality is consistent. I would recommend this site to anyone.

All good, just hope the delivery can be quicker by Sandy Smith on 02/07/2017

Lovely outfit, very well made and true to size. I received my order in about 9 days in LA. I was hoping the delivery can be a bit quicker. Other than that, great purchase.

What a beautiful corset! by Katie on 02/07/2017

I live in Australia and I received my order in 7 days. As soon as I opened my parcel, I love it. Extremely well made, so much detail and it fits exactly the way I wanted. Highly recommended and I will be shop here again very soon. Thank you.

Amazing quality and fast delivery by Kate on 01/18/2017

I live in New Zealand, this is my first purchase on this website. The quality is amazing, so much details and it fits well. Thanks again for the great product and I will come back for more.

Too small by Shirley on 01/18/2017

I am usually a size M, so I bought the size M which is too small and I can't wear it. Then I realize I should have got one size larger according to the size chart.

Beautiful quality and true to size by Aleisha Waller on 01/18/2017

I had a baby about 6 months ago. I was a little unsure about the size until I received my order a week after. Great quality and it fits exactly the way I wanted. I would recommend this corset to anyone:)

super cute by Shayna on 01/15/2017

After 5 days of hard work in the Gym, I lost 2 inches on my waist and I finally fit into this corset which I ordered 1 size too small. Super cute and I love it. Cheers :)

So far so good!! by Nicola on 01/10/2017

I ordered one size too small and friendly live support staff member helped me to change sizes before ship..:) Lucky I checked my waist measurement. Great service!! xoxo

Easy exchange and great service! by Caroline on 01/08/2017

A friend of mine bought from here before and I love her corsets. I ordered mine before xmas and it was one size too small due to I had too much food during xmas. So I had to exchange for one size larger, it fits great and my waist is 4 inches smaller straightaway. I would recommend this corset to anyone.

The best latex waist trainer I ever purchased! by Louise Goodall on 11/13/2016

Solid quality and it does make your waist smaller instantly. Just hoping the delivery can be a bit faster. I live in South Africa and It took 3 weeks to arrive. Other than that, its all good.

Amazing quality, good price. by Jessie R. on 11/13/2016

I love it :) Great customer service and what you see is what you get! Thanks

Lovely corset! by Catherine Musumba on 09/23/2016

I love the color and the flower print. It fits well and quality is good. Just hoping the delivery could be faster. :)

Awesome!! by Cheryl on 09/08/2016

I've been wanting this corset for a while. The bust is a little big, even when I adjust the corset, but that's because I have small breasts. No biggie. The rest of the corset fits like a glove! Perfect for my upcoming trip to the Renaissance Faire!

Good Price by Nadine Gerhofer on 08/19/2016

I received my order in about 8 days in Australia. It fits beautifully and the price is good. :)

couldn't be happier by nicky woolsey on 08/12/2016

I ordered this corset for my friend's bday party. It arrived in good order. Beautiful quality and fits well. I would recommend united corsets to anyone. :)

Fits well and quality is good. by Annette on 08/01/2016

We ordered few corsets from here before and I know what I am expecting. The size is right and quality is good. thx

Item as described. by Courtney on 07/19/2016

I received my order in 11 days in South Africa. Good quality and it fits well. Item looks exactly as how it pictured. Thanx

Item as described and true to size by Rebecca Boal on 07/18/2016

I love to shop online. But I have to admit that shop online can be risky. This's my first purchase made on united corset. I was very happy with my purchase here. Good quality product and arrived within the time frame promised. Highly recommended.

Very nice and fits well. by Katie on 07/18/2016

I just received my order this morning and love it. I tried it on immediately and it fits well. I am looking to buy another one soon. =)

Nice corset, but I ordered wrong size by Gina on 07/05/2016

Hi, Please let me know how to exchange my corset to one size bigger? Thanks

Corset arrived and it fits well. by Bridin on 07/05/2016

I ordered mine on 27th June and it arrived yesterday(DC). I was really pleased by the quality and details of this corset. Most importantly it fits really well. Couldn't be happier. :)

Best price I found online by Daniella on 07/05/2016

I was looking for a perfect red underbust cincher online and I came cross united corsets and I found this one. This is by far the cheapest price I found online and I received my order in about 7 days which is not too bad. I will come back for more. Thanks

Nice fit and good quality! by Holly Lister on 06/27/2016

My sister bought it for me and it arrived in good condition. The corset is perfect and nice quality. Thanks



Exactly what I was expected by Gina on 06/19/2016

It fits nicely and what you see is what you get. Highly recommended! Btw, the delivery isn't too bad at all, it took about 6 days to get here in Toronto.Thnx

it arrived in good condition but one size too small by steph on 06/19/2016

Hi there, I need to exchange my purchase due to I ordered wrong size. I was hoping I can fit into size M. In fact, it was a little too small for me know. I will send the M back for L. Thanks. Other than that, everything else looks great.

Amazing quality by Christine on 06/19/2016

A friend of mine told me about United Corsets and I didn't like that particular one but I do like the quality and price of course. So I ordered my own corset last week and received this Wednesday. Amazing quality and it fits just the way I wanted. Cheers

Couldn't be happier! by Haytham on 06/11/2016

I wasn't sure about the size and quality as this is my first purchase made on this site. It turns out quite a surprise. Great quality considering the price point and it fits well. Highly recommended.

What a curve creator!! by Kristy Barker on 06/08/2016

I ordered this corset last week and it arrived fairly quickly. I love it. Great quality and most importantly it fits. Thanks to United Corsets and I will buy more for sure.

My waist reduced by 2 inches instantly by Tatum on 06/08/2016

I ordered this last week and I received this morning. I noticed that as soon as I put it on, my waist reduced by 2 inches instantly. Absolutely love it. Hopefully I will be able to wear next size down in 4 weeks. Cheers.

My favorite corset ever purchased! by Fabiola on 06/04/2016

It was pleasant to receive such a beautiful corset in a timely fashion. Superb quality and size is right. I've told my sister about united corsets, I am sure she will order hers soon.